Design Week 2018

From the 17th to the 21st of April, the Museum welcomes MAXIMIN: Modernist Expressions by Kohler Free entry from 10 AM to 7 PM

Frida Kahlo (in Italian)

A visit to Frida. Oltre il Mito (Frida. Beyond the Myth): an extraordinary opportunity to discover the works of the noted Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, through her paintings, as well as new ways of looking that have emerged from recent studies. For the first time in...
Let’s design art 2018 (in Italian)

Let’s design art 2018 (in Italian)

An animal hunt in the rooms of the museum: lions, turtles, lizards…. How many little beasts are hiding in the house of Fausto and Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi! Come help us find them, and together we will discover the history of the mansion in via Gesù and its...