app_mThanks to the support of Innovacultura-Region of Lombardy, the Lombardy Chamber of Commerce and the Cariplo Foundation, the museum has realized a free app for its visitors that allows them to do a virtual visit of the rooms on the mansion’s first floor. Each room on the virtual tour is enriched with further information, images of the objects present, details and links that enrich and better the understanding of the visit.

The museum continues its project to add to digital access to its collections. 2016 is dedicated to apps for mobile phones, after the launch of the renovated web site in 2014 and the virtual tour realized in collaboration with the Google Art Project in 2015. Remembering the love and passion of the two brothers, Fausto and Giuseppe Valsecchi, for innovation, the museum has accepted the challenge of being contemporary and has created two apps for devices. The first is geared to the general public visiting the historic house museum in via Gesù, while the other is the first video guide in LIS (Italian Sign Language) and ISL (International Sign Language) in the city of Milan.

The new app allows visitors not only to know more about and to contextualize the works, but also to appreciate details of them thanks to the deep zoom, technical terms and the reuniting of dispersed parts of works present. And not only this. Visitors can view the Bagatti Valsecchi brothers’ fonts of inspiration, interact with objects through opening drawers, or turning over paintings to see their backs, or even travelling back in time to compare the images of the mansion then and now. To show how much the house was really lived in, there are videos that show daily life in the mansion.

The app is available for Android, and is downloadable free-of-charge.


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