For the exhibit “Love, Museums, Inspiration” – open until the 24th of June at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum – there will be a special showing on April 21 at 2:30 PM of the Grant Gee documentary dedicated to Pamuk’s museum in Istanbul.

Pamuk first sets the stage about his novel and museum – inspired in part by the Bagatti Valsecchi museum – in a short video in English (subtitles in Italian). The subsequent documentary continues the prelude by deepening the look at the complex interactive creation of his museum. The documentary is in Turkish and German with English subtitles, but the images are so evocative that all will be able to follow this fascinating thread, even if they don’t speak these languages.

Thanks to the partnership with Cineclub il Cinemino, its members will be able to see the video and film at a reduced price.

For info, events and film calendar:

Cineclub Il Cinemino
Via Seneca 6 – Milan
Tel. +39. 02 35948722
Opening times Cinemino and Bar of the Cinemino: every day from 2 PM
until a half an hour after the last showing
Access is available only to members | membership card 5€
Event ticket: 7€ (Reduced 5€)
Carnet of tickets: 4 x €20 | 7 x 30€ | 10 x 40€

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