Kids, you are welcome!

Let yourself be amazed by the magic atmosphere
of the museum

Discover the “tools” for visiting the museum: for preparing for the visit or for reliving the experience at home, choose the right option for you!

During the visit

Information cards in English for discovering the secrets of the Bagatti Valsecchi brothers

An audio guide just for our little visitors … at least for now, it’s still only in Italian…but if they’re learning Italian, try it!

Room after room, a map will open all the doors of the mansion

With the family

Challenge each other – see who can find the most hidden details in our Silent Book

Ambrogio the framer needs help: would you like to help him solve an enigma?

Back at home

Get someone to tell you about the adventures of Fausto and Giuseppe, again

Print and color the drawings of objects in the museum

Relive your museum experience with a virtual visit