The Elfo Puccini theater in Corso Buenos Aires was one of the most important places for plays in Milan of the 1930s. The five-year restoration gave it back to the city transformed into one of the most technologically advanced that still, however, preserves aspects of the historic building, for example, the stucco work at the back of the old parterre, the mosaic floor of the foyer and the imposing scenic tower.

Written in 1940 when the war had just begun, Pùntila e il suo servo Matti, is a kind of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Pùntila, a rich owner of many properties, is, in fact, a two-faced character. Sober, he is a tyrant who treats his servants badly, takes advantage of his workers and wants to give his daughter in marriage to an inept golddigging diplomat. Drunk, he becomes everyone’s friend and wants to marry Eva to his driver, Matti, whom he treats as his equal. Unfortunately, his drunkenness always fades away… Ferdinando Bruni and Francesco Frongia are able to exalt the comic potential of the roles and bring to the fore – often with hilarious results – the contradictions and the social inequalities of an epoch that, even with other clothes and customs, still substantially resembles ours of today,

Sunday, January 28, 2017
Guided visit to the Elfo Puccini theater + the play Mr Pùntila e il suo servo Matti
Appointment: 2:30 PM, Corso Buenos Aires 33
Fee: €22.00 for members (not a member, yet?, that can be remedied, easily, just ask when you call to make reservations)

For information and to sign up:
Friends of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Association
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