The Labyrinth: Arnoldo Pomodoro‘s one and only environmental installation on which he worked for years, from 1995 to 2011, an artistic evolution. With it, he transformed his creative artistic path into a physical experience made of bronze, fiberglass and copper leaves, in which his inner turmoil was transformed into a space that all could visit. It is a timeless work that evokes past worlds and vanished civilizations imbued with the Mesopotamian atmosphere of the epic of Gilgamesh. Walking among kaleidoscopic, geometric and monumental forms, we will be amazed by enigmatic monoliths, secret passageways and arcane calligraphy. A trip in the mind of the master, himself, between reworkings of his famous sculptures and forms to come.

NOTE: the labyrinth does not have an elevator or an escalator.

WHAT: Visit (in Italian) of the Labyrinth of Arnaldo Pomodoro
WHEN: Thursday, October 24, 2019, 5:45 PM
WHERE: via Solari, 35
FEE: €15.00
NOTE: It is necessary to confirm one’s participation by paying the fee by the 11th of October

Events may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Events are open to members in good standing of the Friends of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Association and its volunteers active in the museum.

For information:
+39 02 7600 6132

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