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Many visitors were welcomed in the Bagatti Valsecchi mansion when it was still a private home. This “artistic house” aroused a lot of curiosity about it and interest in it in scholars, collectors, and the general public.

Their signatures – more than 10,000 conserved in three volumes (from October 20, 1886, to May 29, 1975) – are now accessible in digital form. Thanks to this project, it is possible to do research and to discover the names, dates and places of origin of those who visited the Bagatti Valsecchi mansion.

The project’s goal is to favor the reconstruction of the vast network of relations at the center of which were the lives of the two brothers – art collectors, both – and their descendents.

You, too, can contribute!

You are about to access a work-in-progress. Some signatures haven’t been deciphered, yet, and the interpretation of others is still doubtful. We thank in advance all those who would like to give their support to this project by communicating news about or biographies of people known to them, or calling errors to our attention.

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This project was realized with the generous support of Twig srl, a digital strategies consulting company.

The initiative, coordinated by the museum’s curator, Lucia Pini, has benefitted from the contribution of young scholars who, during their curricular internship, have assisted the museum in the digitalization and indexing of the volumes: Viviana Baioni (Master in Museology, Museography and the Management of Cultural Patrimony, Sacred Heart Catholic University of Milan), Aurora Ghezzi (postgraduate program in Historic and Artistic Patrimony, State University of Padua), and Noemi Monticelli (postgraduate program in Historic and Artistic Patrimony, Sacred Heart Catholic University of Milan).

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