My House is a Museum: a project against the cultural deprivation of kids — a Webinar Presentation (in Italian)

This new project of the Friends of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Association against the cultural deprivation of children has been realized together with the Luisa Berardi Association and the local committee of the Case Popolari Calvairate-Molise-Ponti.

The event will be an opportunity to get to know the creators of the project and – above all – the social context in which the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum activities will take place. Who are the children that will benefit from the project? What is their daily life like? What does it mean to be poor, today, in a neighborhood only a few hundred yards/meters from the Duomo at the center of town?

The museum’s partner associations have long been active in the these neighborhoods to support those facets of the population that are made up almost entirely of immigrants completely devoid of any kind of istructional or cultural input. The partners will explain how it is possible to help the children, teens and young mothers of these populations in the Calvairate-Molsie-Ponti areas, whose conditions have been further degraded by the pandemic.

The project already has gathered more the €2,000.00 of funds, but the objective is €6,000.00, an amount that will allow the whole project to be activated for 50 minors and mothers with children. The activities and opportunities for growth created for them explore various themes that range from food to clothes and life styles.

Whether or not you are able to follow the presentation of the project in Italian, if you would like to give these children and their mothers some new opportunities for understanding the culture in which they now live, you can donate, here  (the site is in Italian): cerca il progetto “La mia casa è un museo”

Monday, December 14, 2020, 6:30 PM
Webinar: My House is a Museum: a project against the cultural deprivation of kids
The live event will be held on Google Meet

Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
Laura Bugliosi, Marketing and Fund Collection

Friends of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Association
Anna Maria Bagatti Valsecchi, President
Adriana Colombo, Vice President

Luisa Berardi Non-Profit Association
Mariangela Simini, President
Valeria Sangalli, Educator

Neighborhood Committee, Case Popolari Calvairate-Molise-Ponti
Grazia Casagrande, President
Angelo Luigi Della Morte, Vice President
Luigi Cardinale, Educator

For information and technical support:
+39 342 323 1016

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