“…It is said that with culture you can’t earn a living, but we wanted to prove the opposite…”

This is the challenge of the last Speechati aperitif at the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum before Christmas. Excellent catered eats accompanied by a good wine, as well as a very special menu in which the dishes aren’t traditional, but rather poems for a menu that nourishes not just the body, but also the spirit.


Come one, come all, to discover, together, this new and fun project, “A Poetic Menu,” created by a collective of professional actors, “The Eaters” (I Mangiatori). The actors present will be Mauro BERNARDI and Valeria PERDONO.

Look at how much you get for just Euro 15:

–a rich aperitif buffet

–2 drinks

–poems a go-go!

Thursday, December 3, 2015, 7:30 P.M.

Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
Via Gesù 5 – Milan

For information:


“The Eaters” were born in Turin in 2010 from a group of students who completed the school of the Stabile Theater of Turin. They wanted to take theater outside of the building’s walls, and to “serve” culture at the tables in restaurants, cafes and pubs. In the course of the years, the group opened to other professionals active in Italian theater and movie worlds. Currently, the group has 15 members.


The repertory, in continuous evolution, differs with each member, and consists of poetic snippets by authors across the ages. From the classics, such as Dante and Shakespeare, to contemporary authors, such as Maraini and Sanguineti, from rhymed theater texts to the verses of Bukowsky and Brecht, from pieces written by the actors, themselves, to comic poetry and poetry in dialect. In other words, a voyage around all that which can be called poetry.


Now widely known, the POETIC MENU format is an extremely simple metaphor for reflecting on the relationship between the nutrition of the body and that of the spirit. It is said that with culture it’s impossible to earn a living, but their challenge is to prove it wrong. In this initiative, the actors wait on tables dressed as waiters, proposing their OWN menu appearing just like any other menu in a restaurant, but the dishes are poems, instead of hot food straight from the oven. The poems can be ordered and then are recited live on demand, bringing the experience up close and personal to the spectator, who can consider it really and truly a service.

The POETIC MENU has also been offered in private locations, and more recently has also become an itinerant happening in which the actors, moving from place to place, proposed their ideas to the audiences – most often very appreciative tourists – they chanced to find before them.

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