The new seat in Milan of the Fondazione Prada (Prada Foundation) — projected by the architectural studio OMA guided by Rem Koolhaas — allows for the foundation to expand the repertory of the kinds of spaces in which art can be displayed and shared with the public.

Characterized by an articulated architectonic configuration that combines the pre-existing buildings with three new constructions (podium, cinema, tower), it is the result of the transformation of a distillery dating back to the first decade of the 20th century.

In the project by OMA, two dimensions exist: conservation work and the creation of new architecture that – though remaining distinct – “dialogues” continuously with the earlier structures. Situated in Largo Isarco in the southern part of Milan, the complex develops over a total surface of 19,000 sq meters (almost 204,515 sq ft).

The tower is being completed; it will be open to the public, later.

Rem Koolhaas says,…

‘The project of the Fondazione Prada isn’t a work of conservation, nor is it the creation of new architecture. These two dimensions co-exist, though remaining distinct, and they dialogue in a continuous process of interaction, almost as if they were fragments destined to never form a unique and definite image in which one element prevails over the others.

New and old, horizontal and vertical, narrow and wide, black and white, open and closed, these contrasts establish the variety of oppositions that describe the nature of the new foundation.

Introducing numerous flexible spaces, the complexity of the architectonic project contributes to the development of an open and ever evolving cultural program in which both art and architecture benefit from their reciprocal challenges.’

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Guided visit (in Italian) of the Fondazione Prada

Place and time: 2:45 PM in Largo Isarco 2

Fee for members in good standing of the Friends of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Association: €20.00

For information, to sign up for the event, and to sign up to the members association:
Office of the Friends of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum Association
T +39 02 7600 6132

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