Until January 31, 2022, your vote is worth 200,000 concrete help initiatives.
UniCredit renews its commitment in favor of non-profit organizations by offering a donation of €200,000 to be divided among the most voted organizations on their site: ilmiodono.it.

To vote for the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum (in Italian) and to support the extraordinary cleaning and polishing of the entrance staircase click on this blue link:

Click here

Choose how to vote:

  • with your Twitter account (log-in on the ilmiodono page and confirm your vote with a click)
  • by e-mail inserting your name, last name, and e-mail address to confirm your vote, verify your e-mail and click on the provided link.

Every vote counts…literally! Better yet, it’s free!

For more information:
T +39 02 76006132

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