The rich collection of furnishings is a fundamental part of the collecting and life-style project of the Bagatti Valsecchi home. The brothers had no compunction about flanking their 15th and 16th century pieces with heavily restored pieces, or even 19th century pieces in the Renaissance style, since their goal was to create an ambiance in which the total effect was more important and convincing than the originality of its single pieces.


Cassone late 15th century


Lombardy, Cassone, late 15th century, walnut partially painted in tempera, height 87 cm, length 235 cm, depth 68 cm, inv. 25, Fresco Room


Bargueno secretary cabinet


Spain, Wooden “Bargueno” secretary cabinet, XVI – XVII century, decorated with metal plaques and resting on a pillared support, height 151 cm, length 108 cm, depth 45 cm, inv. 35, Bevilacqua Room


Baby-walker, 16th century


Lombardy, Baby-walker, 16th century, walnut, height 40 cm, diameter 54,5 cm, inv. 314, Red Room


Bishop's seat


Lombardy, Bishop’s seat, second half of the 15th century, decorated with decoupage woodcuts simulating inlay, height 273 cm, length 76 cm, depth 72 cm, inv. 47, Valtellinese Bedroom


Cradle, 16th century


Lombardy, Cradle, 16th century, walnut, height 66 cm, larghezza 95 cm, depth 51 cm, inv. 68, Red Room