Ceramic collection

The nucleus of the Bagatti Valsecchi ceramic collection is primarily composed of 16th and 17th century pieces, even if later pieces are not missing. Many are the centers of production present, creating a kind of map of the principal Italian ceramic producers: Venice, Pavia, Ferrara, Faenza, Pisa, Montelupo, Urbino, Casteldurante, Pesaro, Deruta, Rome, Gerace, Trapani and Burgio. The vases coming from antique pharmacies dismantled in the 19th century are numerous. The collection is principally Italian, but there is a group of lusterware from Valencia and Manises that dates to the 16th and 17th centuries.


Vase, late 16th century

Vase, late 16th century, Castelli d’Abruzzo, majolica, height 27 cm, inv. 423, Dining Room

Vaso, 1678

Vaso, 1678, Urbania, Ippolito Rombaldotti, majolica, height 82 cm, inv. 484, Cupola Gallery

Bowl-like cup, ca. 1580

Bowl-like cup, ca. 1580, Urbino, Antonio Patanazzi, majolica, diameter 19,5 cm, inv. 682, Dining Room

Albarello, ca. 1620

Albarello, ca. 1620, Urbino, Alfonso Patanazzi, majolica, height 80,5 cm, inv. 480, Cupola Gallery

Cake/fruit-stand, 17th century

Cake/fruit-stand, 17th century, Pesaro, majolica, diameter 11,5 cm, inv. 417, Dining Room