Scientific instruments collection

In the Bagatti Valsecchi home, the scientific instruments collection is displayed in the library, a room dedicated to study and reading. In this room, compasses, armillary spheres, and an ivory microscope shine on the central table, while the superb pair of 16th century globes are notable on their 19th century “in style” bases.

Celestial globe, 1579

Celestial globe, 1579, Rome (?), brass, bronze, wood, gesso, height 70 cm, diameter 44 cm, inv. 264, Library

Microscope, 18th century

Microscope, 18th century, English, ivory, fish skin, glss, paper, height 16 cm, inv. 812, Library

Compass, 19th century

Compass, 19th century, Italy, iron, width 46 cm, maximum aperture 82 cm, inv. 627, Library

Terrestrial globe, 1579

Terrestrial globe, 1579, Rome (?), brass, bronze, wood, gesso, height 70 cm, diameter 44 cm, inv. 265, Library

Misura, 16th century

Misura, 16th century, Germany, brass, ivory, width 33 cm, inv. 831, Library