Help us to restore a piece of armor

One of the symbols of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum is a beautiful piece of armor from Brescia dating to the 17th century. It urgently needs restoration. Help us to return it to its antique splendor.


The work in question is steel armor of the XVIIth century that presents an advanced state of degradation both of the metal, which is rather oxidized on the right hand side, and the extremely deteriorated leather latches.

The restoration, costing a total of E. 2,500.00, includes the removal of the deposits, the mechanical cleaning of the metal parts, the degreasing of the metal surfaces, the application of a protective system and of a substance to inhibit corrosion, and the use of neutral leather latches to give stability to the piece.

It’s possible to donate to the museum in various ways:

  • Cash when coming to see us in the museum
  • Certified check made out to the Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus
  • Bank transfer made out to the Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus – Banca Prossima Fil.5000 Piazza Ferrari 10, Milano – Iban: IT 31 E 03359 01600 100000062267

All unencumbered donations to the museum are deductible from Italian Irpef and company taxes.