Support the museum in its day-to-day activities

It’s possible to help the museum bear its day-to-cay costs, from the printing of brochures and postcards to the purchase of office supplies. Your help is precious.on.

The museum is an officially registered not-for-profit private foundation. Our income is based on entrance fees, on the rental of our spaces for prestigious private events, on donations and on a contribution from the Region of Lombardy.
It’s very difficult to meet the expenses necessary, including for staff, even just to keep the museum open, let alone for our many and varied activities. If you help the museum to live, you will become our partner in our mission to disseminate culture in Milan and in the world.

It’s possible to donate to the museum in various ways:

  • Cash when coming to see us in the museum
  • Certified check made out to the Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus
  • Bank transfer made out to the Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus – Banca INTESA SAN PAOLO Fil.55000 Piazza Ferrari 10, Milano – Iban: IT 84 A 03069 09606 100000062267

All unencumbered donations to the museum are deductible from Italian Irpef and company taxes.