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Donating to the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum means making your love for art and culture tangible by performing an act of generosity not only towards the museum but also towards the entire civic community. The funds raised will be used to carry out restorations, organize exhibitions, events, and enhance museum facilities.

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Donate to the Museum via:

  • Bank transfer payable to Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus – Banca INTESA SAN PAOLO Fil.55000 Piazza Ferrari 10, Milano - Iban: IT 84 A 03069 09606 100000062267

Alternatively, you can donate to the Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus via:

  • Cash at our office in Via Gesù 5, Milan
  • Check payable to the Fondazione Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus

Following all liberal donations in favor of the Museum, the Bagatti Valsecchi Onlus Foundation issues, as a receipt, a donation receipt deductible for Irpef purposes or from business income:

  • Deduction from business income, art.38 law n.342/2000, art.100 c.2, lett.m, Presidential Decree 917/1986 TUIR foreseen for donations in cash intended for cultural and to the subjects indicated by the Ministerial Decree 3/10/2002. The amount disbursed is fully deductible. The usability of this deduction is conditioned by the transmission by the disbursing party and the beneficiary of the transmission of a specific communication to the Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, to be made by 31 January of the year following the year of disbursement.
  • Deduction from total net income, art. 83, c. 2, Legislative Decree no. 117 of 3 July 2017, paragraph 2), foreseen for the disbursements of donations in support of non-profit organizations, starting from 1/1/2018, as provided for by art. 104, c. 1 of the same legislative decree. The amount disbursed is deductible up to 10 % of the declared total income. If the deduction is greater than the declared total income, less all deductions, the excess can be calculated as an increase in the amount deductible from the total income of the subsequent tax periods, but not beyond the fourth , up to its amount.
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